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Photo Sizing -

in the rare event that you have trouble...

The photos you upload are automatically resized to fit the parameters of the playing fields. These sizes are, for horizontal images, 960 (width) x 640 (height) pixels (large), 540 (width) x 360 (height) pixels (medium), and 250 (width) x 167 (height) pixels (thumbnail). Vertical images are 360 (width) x 540 (height) pixels and 167 (width) x 250 (height) pixels. Note: No large images can be used for vertical puzzles. Puzzleattic highly recommends that you crop and resize your image to 960 x 640 pixels before uploading to avoid stretching/squeezing during the automated resizing process.
To assure that your puzzle images maintain proper aspect ratio you must provide cropped and/or resized images within the size limitations detailed above. Below are examples of what can happen if this step is not taken.

IMAGE FORMAT: Only ".jpg" or ".jpeg" image files will be accepted by the uploader.
Other formats, such as .png, .PSD, .TIF, etc. will be rejected during upload.

If your upload image is too wide and shallow...

it will be automatically stretched vertically to meet the size requirements.

Another example:
too square
If your upload image is too square...

it will be automatically squeezed to meet the size requirements.
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