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Category: Still Motion
Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles:

Important instructions!

Mouseover me for instructions.

Important Instructions!

  • Click on a piece to move it, click again to release it

  • Use Left and right arrows (or alternatively 'A' or 'D', keys or mousewheel) to rotate a piece.

  • Use the 'up' and 'down' arrow keys (or alternatively the 'w' or 's') keys to send a piece behind or on top of other pieces

  • Use the'e' key to toggle on/off visibility of non-edge pieces.

  • Use the 'q' key to show/hide the preview tile.

  • Select your puzzle color before you start to play or you will loose whatever pieces you have put together.

  • Use the space bar to show/hide non-composite pieces (pieces made up of two or more atomic pieces)
Flaming Face
by Premium Member John A Zinda
Visit John's website at www.puzzleattic.com.
This photograph is an experiment in digital light painting using a campfire for the subject.
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This Jigsaw Puzzle game requires that your browser supports the HTML5 <canvas> element. See Wikipedia for information on which browsers support the HTML5 <canvas> technology. Google code offers ExplorerCanvas to bring the functionality of the <canvas> tag to Internet Explorer, unfortunately, complex clipping regions are not supported, a requirement for this software.

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The image in this jigsaw puzzle is copyright © John A Zinda

You may contact John A Zinda Here

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This page was created on May 21, 2011.